Belgian rabbit

Belgian rabbit

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The Flemish producers and suppliers remain ready to provide you with sufficient fresh products. Even now. 
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Why Belgian rabbit?

Transition to park housing

At present, Belgium has around two dozen companies. Despite the small number, the companies are frontrunners in Europe with regard to animal welfare. After all, they made the transition to park housing a few years ago.

Living in park housing

Every year, an average of 700,000 animals are bred in Belgium, of which 400,000 live in park housing.

Export rabbit meat

In 2018, Belgium exported 5,102 tonnes of rabbit meat. The main importers of Belgian rabbit meat are France, the Netherlands and Germany.

More about Belgian rabbit

The rabbit sector consists primarily of family businesses based mainly in the provinces of West Flanders and Antwerp. The rabbits are fed only plant-based feed consisting of cereals and alfalfa which promotes the rabbit’s health and conformation.

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